Lords of the Harvest

Players present
- Greg
- Squish
- Peter
- JD

Players not present
- Miles
- Deryk


-Boarding the train for everyone

-Content Not Found: lady-squishington character was told on Earth-side that her seat in first class was not reserved

-Content Not Found: lady-squishington flirted with the bureaucrat and getting a third-class ticket and a waiver for free meals.

-The group meeting each other in third-class and eating lunch and dinner covered by Content Not Found: lady-squishington meal ticket
-Peter, JD, and Greg swiped food for later
-Greg has been reading and informed not to talk about the Darlin Theories that he follows
-JD has been stealing everything he can carry

-Crossing the Breach
-Content Not Found: lady-squishington heard a skittering sound and saw an old hag performing Tarot, with cards in a language she doesn’t recognize
-JD saw a demonic reflection of himself in the window with a forked tongue
-Greg had a seizure (everyone else’s perspective) and lit on fire, controlled it, and blasted the ceiling of the train car to form a scorched rune; Greg is now able to perform magic
-Peter _____
-Deryk _____
-Miles _____

-Content Not Found: lady-squishington was told that her seat in first class was reserved and all her luggage was marked as first class; since she traveled in third class, she would need to go to the central office in town to sort things out to get her luggage back

-The group went to Content Not Found: lady-squishington_ apartment (covered for a year, sparse furnishing, no food)
-Greg and Peter have paid JD to stay at his place for a week or so (long enough to get jobs and find their own place)
-_Content Not Found: lady-squishington
has hired JD to act as her guide for the next week or so


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