John Taggerton

Peter's character, Big game hunter



Current Pursuit: Mercenary

Phobias: Being chained up, running out of ammo









Long Arms



Ex-soldier and big game hunter heading to shadowrun to try to guide the richest hunters and wealthy of Maulifaux


John Taggerton, or such was the name on the passport he had used for many years, looked over the case with a practiced eye. One last adjustment to make sure the sights were sitting properly in their slot and he locked closed the case on his custom Howles 1874 and handed it over to the Guild customs agent for storage. In exchange the agent stamped the passport and handed back the mass of paperwork needed to legally import a rifle to Malifaux.

As he boarded the great locomotive, he reflected on how things happened such that he was now boarding the same train that had once taken his relations into slavery almost 20 years ago. Though he never knows which of his cousins failed to spot the Guild inspector or who among his family of traveling musicians (and minor drug smugglers) thought branching into soulstone smuggling was a good idea, he was the only one to escape the resulting dragnet. Fleeing to Portsmith, he managed to get signed to a regiment shipping out to India as a drummer boy.

After several years of service as a drummer boy, he was promoted to regular service where his excellent accuracy and better than average eyesight were noticed by the officers. This led to his being brought along on game hunts where he became known for his tracking prowess and precise pacing of shots. After mustering out, he continued to work a a guide on hunts, making a small name and a minor fortune for himself. However, in the last few years the number of hunters has decreased as the reputation of Malifaux hunts has grown. Calling in some favors, he acquired passage to Malifaux, where he hopes to get the experience so that the Malifaux Explorers Society will hire him as one of the in-house guides.

John Taggerton

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