Lady Squishington

Name: Lady Squishington

Player: Squish

Current Pursuit: Performer

Phobias: Halitosis; Erectile Dysfunction (Ironic!)

One daughter of a wealthy Senator and Distillery (or was it a brewery?) owner, Lady Squishington was sent to Mailfaux to look at moving production of the family business to Malifaux as it may be cheaper than in an Earthside facility (Hello lax labor and safety laws!). She is going because she pretty much the inheritance short straw as her older siblings had already snatched up the slick business and political digs by the time she has come of age, and thus, the only way for our dear heroine to prove herself is to venture into Malifuax and her time and mild irritation. Little does she know that in Malifaux, Bad things Happen…

Lady Squishington

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