Alyona (ahl-YO-nah) Price

Performer Politician


Might -2
Grace 0
Speed +2
Resilience 0
Intellect -2
Charm +3
Cunning 0
Tenacity -1

derived aspects
Defense 4
Walk 5
Wound boxes 5
Willpower 4 (+2 for centering or tenacity)
Charge 6
Height 2

acrobatics 3
pistol 2
toughness 1
evade 1
stealth 1
lockpick 1
leadership 1
betwitch 3
Courase 2
centering 2
notice 2

General Talents
Governer’s Gift — pg 136 “male” + 1 flip on bewitch or scrutiney

Social Toolkit … “bewitch” pg 179 +1flip on bewitch
Maucher Gunwerks model 1 ….. pg 152
Petty Coat Duster – Protecto (ram) pg 177


Southern — 3 tomes
Eastern — 11 tomes
Northern — 9 Rams
Western – 5 masks
Station — 12 mask

She’s been sent by her senator father to see if moving the family business of wiskey could be to their advantage, via space and cheap labor, and possibly market

on her train ride over, her ticket got lost and she found herself in middle class seating, next to some unruly but otherwise pleasent folks, to which she became aquainted.
While crossing the breach, something truely asstounding happened, she had a vision.

her words —
“she was bent over and her eyes were dark. she was uncivilized and perturbing”

What tom foolery has she gotten herself into. it seems like the nonsense just doesn’t cease since arriving on the other side of the breach.
At least her something came of her father teaching her how to use pistols. She always thought it would be first used on some low life trying to have her hand in marraige. She supposes rufians trying to rob and kill her is a better use of that skill.
but goodness! punishment indeed! I never expected to have to be lead around by such dirty gents, and i dear say i may have momentariarly enjoyed myself.

I would have thought being this far away from my father would mean i wasn’t to be scolded anymore, but never! would i have imagined that a Lady would pretend to be scared and alone, only to put her wretched gun in my face! the bitch! she did get what was coming to her.

Finally, i can change clothing, and collapse into my warm, soft bed. I suppose i should keep this tatered dress, who knows when next i might have to go swimming in the sewers agian.

Alyona (ahl-YO-nah) Price

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