Gideon J Cormac

Name: Gideon J Cormac

Player: Miles

Current Pursuit: Wastrel?

Phobias: Snakes

Gideon J Cormac, born and raised in the east end
of London, UK, near the end of the Victorian era. at the time, the
east end of London was considered to be one of the worst places to
live in for a variety of reasons, such as sanitation, crime,
corruption, it was a den of evil so to speak. At age 2, Gideon was
abandoned by his parents and left at an orphanage near white hall. for
the next few years, young Gideon would be raised at an orphanage under
the care of Sally, the owner and caretaker of the orphanage. Gideon
stood out from the other children, one being that his eyes were both
different colors, his right eye blue, his left eye green. as a result,
parents and other potential foster family’s would not take him as they
were disturbed by his eyes. Some of them even called him a devil that
was spawned from Satan to further add insult to injury.

More backstory later when I have time to post it; tl;rd version: Adopted by a veteran of the Power Wars who left military service and began cattle ranching outside Malifaux; Heading through the Breach to find out what happened to his adoptive father.

Gideon J Cormac

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